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TFS Version Confirmation: FATAL ERROR


First off, thank you for all of your work on this project. I greatly appreciate that you have taken this on and that you are distributing it for all of us to use without charging for it.

Now, on to the interesting bit..

I enter in the server name, port number, and the collection to connect to. I also check the confirmation box "TFS 2010 or later", because we are running TFS 2010. Then I click the connect button and see the following:
Opening connection...

Server tfs found.
    WORKING: Discovering and adding TFS projects...Done.
    WORKING: Discovering and adding TFS roles across all projects on the server.
        FOUND: Role Readers
        FOUND: Role Project Administrators
        FOUND: Role Contributors
        FOUND: Role Builders
    WORKING: Finished TFS roles discovery.

Connection successful to http://tfs:8080/tfs/DefaultCollection please select the roles and project then click OK.

The following collections were reported by tfs:

Collection Name: DefaultCollection      Is Default Collection: False        Description: Default created by the Configuration Wizard
Collection Name: CRM        Is Default Collection: False        Description: The FrontStream CRM Collection

TFS Version Confirmation: FATAL ERROR: TFS Version not 2008/2010/2012!! on tfs.
The text in the status bar indicates that the tfs version is "Team Foundation Server 2010".

Any ideas what might be going wrong? Is there more info I can provide that would help in tracking down the cause?


jeberhar wrote Oct 29, 2015 at 3:12 PM

The user Klunk mentioned this issue in their October 7, 2014 review of tfsprojects. Upon inspection of the code, it is a simple logic error in the reporting mechanism for TFS version. It is inconsequential to the function of the program. I will fix this error in 2.1 which has been delayed further than I wanted due to unforeseen illness of a family member. Version 2.0 was a really big push, with many improvements for the user and under the hood, so thank you for downloading and using my code and tolerating a few small issues that tend to come with .0 releases!