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Duplicate Email Entries


When using the "email list" option there were 18 duplicate entries. Not sure why just those 18 names were duplicated out of over a 100 email addresses.

I had just one more suggestion : In the 'email list' option; could you list the users name corresponding to each email address like how it is shown in the Project listing report. That would be super helpful.

Thank you so much for this awesome tool. It has really helped me a lot!



jeberhar wrote Apr 15, 2014 at 4:15 AM


Thanks for your feedback! For the duplicate emails, the addresses could have been on multiple projects. I believe I have cleaned this up in 2.0. Give it a try. Also, be sure it isn't environment specific.

I made the email list copy/paste-able so it can be used to send mass emails. Adding the names would remove that possibility, but I will definitely consider it for 2.1!