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TFS Projects -- Team Foundation Server Project Audit Tool

FUNCTION: lists all users for each project for all collections or a specified collection or for only one project within a collection and their roles for a TFS installation. Individual projects may be selected from the provided combo box once the connection is established.

USAGE: Supply a valid server name, port number, TFS Version, TFS path and HTTP/S selection and (if applicable) collection name, then click Connect.

Upon successful connection, select project role or all roles for all projects or individual project and click OK.

Default values, which are loaded on startup, can be viewed and set on the Defaults tab.

Project related user interface items will only become available upon successful connection to the TFS instance provided. A specific project or role on the server may be selected once connected. Results can be saved by clicking the Save Output... button. To generate a list of email addresses rather than verbose project information based on the specified criteria, check the Email Address List check box.

When specifying a collection for TFS 2010 or later, you only need supply the actual collection name. A server name or any slashes or backslashes should not be included in the collection name.

To gather data from all collections on TFS 2010 or later specify "all-collections" without quotes as the collection name in the Collection field.

If no collection names are known use all-collections and a list of collections on the server will be provided then you can simply reconnect to the one you need.

TFS port is 8080 by default, if this value gives an error contact your TFS admin for your port number.

TFS 2005 Users MUST use version 1.0 of TFS Projects, which is available at
For email list generation, TFS 2005 users must use TFS Users, which is available at

TFS Projects 2.1 by Jay Eberhard Copyright 2016.

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