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Feb 15, 2012 at 10:08 PM

1. Needs to report members of embedded AD groups. My org uses AD groups to manage TFS roles rather than adding individual accounts. I am sure we aren't the only ones. This tool doesn't list the accounts inside my AD groups.

2. Open an email to the listed/selected Members. Having the email address in the list is nice, better to be able to open an email to selected accounts. If I need to email my project administrators to inform them of a change to the process template, this would be the tool to use. It would require a change to the UI but the ideal would be to auto-select all email address returned but provide a means to individually select/deselect and/or select/deselect all. Then a button to create an email (using an installed local email client).

3. If you want get ambitious, make it multi-threaded to connect to multiple collections simultaneously.